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Shalewater Solutions specializes in water recycling, water logistics, resource allocation, and optimizing delivery to and from multiple pools, pits and pads to reduce transport expenses. Shalewater is able to identify the most effective water strategies to reduce wasteful practices, eliminate inefficient methods and increase overall operational performance. Our water management services deliver the most cost effective solution for every situation.

Northeast 2015 Oil & Gas Awards

New Technology Development of the Year

Meet Our Team

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Chance Richie


Mr. Richie served as an officer onboard the nuclear submarine USS Alabama (SSBN-731) where he maintained a top-secret security clearance, received two Navy Achievement Medals, and attained the rank of Lieutenant.

After leaving the Navy, Mr. Richie helped develop a frac water recycling technology while with Bosque Systems and cultivated this business line in the Fayetteville and Marcellus shales. The business line was ultimately sold to Waste Management, with Mr. Richie serving as Waste Management’s Director of Water Management post-acquisition.

Mr. Richie left Waste Management in 2011 to start Shalewater Solutions and provide consulting services related to the water management issues facing the shale gas industry.

Mr. Richie has field experience in, and theoretical knowledge of, water solutions relating to natural gas production and has worked with some of the largest natural gas companies to develop tailored water reuse and management solutions for their well completion programs. Additionally, Mr. Richie is an expert in permitting, designing, constructing, and operating large-scale centralized water recycling facilities related to natural gas production, having obtained the first WMGR-123 permit issued by PADEP for the operation of a centralized flowback and produced water recycling facility.

Mr. Richie completed Navy Nuclear Power School and received a Commanding Officer’s commendation letter for finishing first in his class at Navy Nuclear Prototype Training Unit, Ballston Spa, New York. Mr. Richie is a Department of Energy certified nuclear engineer (Naval Reactors) and holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. After leaving the Navy, Mr. Richie attended The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business where he received a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Tony Gutta


Mr. Gutta is directly responsible for the daily operations of three treatment units in the Marcellus and Utica shales, with total treatment capacity of ~30,000 bwpd. Mr. Gutta has over 60+ personnel reporting to him and manages all logistics operations for Shalewater’s treatment operations. Mr. Gutta is intimately involved with all planning operations and in the development and construction of treatment equipment. Mr. Gutta has significant commercial waste water treatment experience and has supervised commercial and residential waste water treatment plant installations. Additionally, Mr. Gutta has over 5 years of experience generating and submitting NPDES permits for approval to governmental authorities.

Vincent Lopez

Vice President of Administration

Mr. Lopez is responsible for financial reporting and compliance. He was appointed to this position in August 2013, serving on the accounting staff prior. Before joining Shalewater Solutions, he served as Finance Officer for a government agency. Mr. Lopez has also had varying levels of exposure in the public accounting field including assurance, tax, and consulting services. He has previously held board positions for government and nonprofit organizations. He holds a B.S.B.A with a concentration in Accounting from West Virginia University.

Ryan Hall

Technical Director

Mr. Hall is responsible for technical consulting services and both internal as well as external quality assurance programs. He works closely with project stakeholders to solve problems through the application of oilfield technology and best practices. His core strengths include treatability testing, system modeling and chemical characterization. Mr. Hall started his career as a contract environmental scientist with the Alyeska Pipeline service company. He later went on to work in multiple roles within TestAmerica including Customer Service Manager for Oil and Gas. He also served as the Energy and Analytical Business Unit Coordinator for the RJ Lee Group, a forensic laboratory and consulting firm. Mr. Hall has a BS and MS in Environmental Management. He has given numerous presentations and worked with the TVA to develop a novel analytical method to demonstrate remedial compliance.

Rockee Freeman

Executive Director of Solid Waste

Mr. Freeman is responsible for residual waste handling and logistics including TENORM testing, profiles, and allocation. He specializes in environmental transportation in a state-regulated industry, adept at optimizing local resources, generating cost savings, and promoting innovative solutions in changing environments. He brings several years of oil and gas experience in solids management, water hauling, vacuum boxes, hazardous material compliance, and emergency response. Prior to joining Shalewater, Mr. Freeman was the Manager of Energy Services for Waste Management. In addition to his operations responsibilities there, he was also responsible for financial planning and analysis, sales management and forecasting, strategic planning, customer service, and safety while managing and developing over 200 employees.

More About Us

Our team at Shalewater is driven to get you the most out of your operation. The cost conscious and effective solutions are developed by our water experts so you can run seamlessly and efficiently. Shalewater Solutions is always accepting candidates for new career opportunities, if you are interested in joining the Shalewater team, you can find our contact information below or view our available career opportunities.

16000000 Barrels Treated In WV, OH, and TX
75000000 Barrels Filtered in WV, OH, and TX
476044 Hours Without LTI (Updated December 01, 2015)

Our Services From Consulting to Water Recycling, Shalewater has the services that fit every business need.


With more than 16 million barrels treated within the West Virginia, Ohio, and Texas areas and more than 75 million barrels of filtered water, Shalewater is proficient and experienced in the treatment sector.


Shalewater Solutions has over 250 wells worth of experience and have managed water operations for numerous companies. We work side-by-side with companies to help reduce billing, increase efficiency, and dispatch trucks and manage trucking logistics.

Waste Services

Shalewater Solutions provides evaluations of existing programs, identifying areas for improvement. We implement process modifications to minimize waste volume, and we sample, characterize, and profile waste streams into proper facilities. View Case Studies

Technical Support

Shalewater Solutions offers a Mobile Laboratory solution, source water investigations to screen and qualify potential water sources, treatability studies, contract research, and process QA/QC to document the quality of your vendors process. View Case Studies


ShaleApps™ is a real-time water tracking & accounting software suite specifically designed to address these challenges. This novel approach based on mobile technology helps automate the tracking of trucks and water types, enabling more cost-effective decisions regarding fluid movement and leading to lower trucking costs as well as more accurate billing, accounting, and regulatory reporting. Visit ShaleApps

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